About us

Welcome to NTRL by Sabs (pronounced "Natural by Sabs") - where nature meets luxury in a symphony of botanical beauty. 

NTRL by Sabs is a contemporary beauty and wellness brand that was started by celebrity hairstylist Sabrina Rowe during the pandemic of 2020. The brand is dedicated to offering high-quality, eco-conscious products that promote a natural, healthy lifestyle. With a commitment to transparency, integrity, and sustainability, NTRL by Sabs brings together the power of nature and cutting-edge scientific research to create exceptional skincare, haircare, and wellness solutions for discerning customers. By combining ethically-sourced, organic ingredients with innovative formulations, NTRL by Sabs is redefining beauty standards, ensuring that each product is as kind to the environment as it is to your skin and body. Experience the difference of NTRL by Sabs - where nature, science, and sophistication unite.


Our collection champions sustainability and the zero-waste movement, offering a wide range of options to meet your eco-conscious needs. From our transformative shampoo and conditioner bars to our soothing face & body bars, hydrating lip balms, and decadent lotion bars, every product is designed with sustainability at its core without compromising on quality.


At NTRL by Sabs, we choose to work with nature, not against it. This means prioritizing people and the planet over profits. True sustainability is not about mass production or high inventory counts; it’s about honoring our commitment to the ecosystems we cherish. Consequently, some of our products may be seasonal or temporarily out of stock. This approach ensures we don’t compromise our environmental values. We make bars because they are self-sustaining and last significantly longer than bottled products, allowing you to use products that harmonize with nature. That's the NTRL promise.

Luxury and accessibility are at the heart of our ethos. We believe in creating products that deliver remarkable results, making high-end, effective natural beauty accessible to all. Each NTRL by Sabs creation holds a promise - a promise of love, nature, and outstanding performance.


We take immense pride in being a 100% Black/Latinx/Queer female-owned brand, manufacturing our high-quality products right here in the USA.

NTRL by Sabs - botanically-based, thoughtfully crafted, and made with love for a more beautiful, sustainable world.

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