About us

NTRL by Sabs, pronounced "Natural by Sabs" is an inclusive personal care brand that was started by celebrity hairstylist Sabrina Rowe during the pandemic of 2020. With unexpected down-time and a deep interest and love for the science behind the products she has used throughout her career spanning 20 years, Sabrina went to cosmetic formulation school with a specialization in natural hair care. As soon as her first formulas were finalized and packaged, her samples became in demand from the clients who could not see her in person due to restrictions. It was then that she realized the next step in her career evolved and NTRL by Sabs was born. 

NTRL by Sabs first product offerings were formulated with textured hair in mind. It was important that the foundation of the brand supported hair like her own. Due to her extremely diverse salon chair, Sabrina had a clear mission to meet the needs of all the hair types she encountered, through high end fashion shoots, celebrity and salon clients. From straight to coiled, there is something in the collection for every head of hair.  

The line includes traditional shampoos and conditioners which are rich in botanical ingredients like Shea butter, Matricaria, Coconut and Avocado oil. There are sustainable and zero-waste options in the collection including shampoo, conditioner lip balms, and lotion bars. Created with an emphasis on results, with luxury and accessibility in mind, there's a lot to love about NTRL by Sabs. 

NTRL by Sabs is 100% Black female owned, and made in the USA.  

Botanically-based formulas, made with love.