3 oz. NTRL Lotion Bar #6 Palo Santo
3 oz. NTRL Lotion Bar #6 Palo Santo
3 oz. NTRL Lotion Bar #6 Palo Santo
3 oz. NTRL Lotion Bar #6 Palo Santo

3 oz. NTRL Lotion Bar #6 Palo Santo

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Introducing the NTRL Lotion Bar #6 Palo Santo (3 oz.): A Limited Edition Treasure for Holistic Skincare

Experience the mystical allure of our NTRL Lotion Bar #6 Palo Santo, a limited edition offering that embodies the essence of ancient holistic care. This exclusive solid lotion bar, rich in natural ingredients, is a rare gem in our collection, designed to deeply nourish and rejuvenate your skin. Infused with the sacred aroma of Palo Santo and the grounding essence of cedarwood, it's a unique skincare ritual that's not to be missed.

About our Lotion Bars:

Our 3 oz. lotion bars, presented in chic, reusable, and recyclable aluminum black tins, signify our devotion to zero-waste and sustainable practices. As a limited edition item, the NTRL Lotion Bar #6 Palo Santo is a special addition to our range, with packaging that's 100% recyclable or reusable, reflecting our commitment to the planet.

Directions: Break this exclusive lotion bar with your knuckle, and then smooth the luxurious blend over your skin. Immerse yourself in its soothing and healing properties, letting its rich formula and spiritual fragrance envelop you.

* Coconut Oil: Deeply moisturizes for lasting skin hydration
* Shea Butter: Enriches the skin with its smooth, creamy texture
* Beeswax: Forms a protective barrier, sealing in moisture
* Palo Santo Oil: Provides a calming, spiritual scent renowned for its healing properties
* Cedarwood Oil: Adds a warm, woodsy note to the aromatic profile
* Rosehip Oil: Promotes skin regeneration and enhances elasticity
* Vitamin E Oil: A potent antioxidant, nourishing the skin and protecting it from environmental stressors

The NTRL Lotion Bar #6 Palo Santo is more than just a skincare product; it's an invitation to a sacred self-care experience. Available for a limited time, we encourage you to take advantage of this exclusive offer while supplies last, and incorporate the spiritual and physical benefits of Palo Santo into your daily routine.

**Disclaimer: Due to the natural formulation of our Lotions, these items may be temperature sensitive. Some melting may occur in high temperature environments so please store in a cool, dry place. These are hand poured so some variance in appearance may occur. 

Warning: Avoid contact with eyes.

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